iPhone Apps Update

To my surprise, a colleague told me recently how much he enjoyed my “what’s on my iPhone” posting. So, I thought I’d update it with some new apps I’ve recently gotten:

AllRecipes: Just what it sounds like — an online recipe lookup. I haven’t really used it. I think my wife downloaded it.

Analytics: A great and beautiful iPhone app that taps into Google Analytics, so I can see how few people are actually reading this… right now.

BurnBall: A totally fun game that is kind of like the Tron cycle game, only with motion sensing and cute balls.

Drop7: A fun math-meets-Tetris game. Love it.

FallingBalls: In the spirit of LineRider, this simple game looks like what I would create if I tried to create an iPhone game, except this is both fun and a little macabre.

GPS Lite: GPS directions for your iPhone. Works a lot better if you have GPS (I don’t).

Grocery IQ: A wicked grocery store list manager. I just wish it had a desktop component. And the ability to share lists with other members of the household.

Lights Off: A fun toggle-like game in which every square you touch makes other squares light (or go off). Goal is to turn all the squares off. Fun!

LoveJigSaw: Cute jigsaw puzzle game.

Mint.com: A beautiful and free iPhone interface for the beautiful and free Mint.com site.

NPR Mobile: Not sanctioned by NPR, this allows for streaming of NPR content. Nice!

ShapeWriter: Um… not sure.

Tower Free: An amusing game.

Yelp: The iPhone version of Yelp! I have to admit, I don’t really use it.