Talented teens make for a fun project

I just completed a three-part video series on the Cappies International Theater program. The program brings together some of the top drama students from around the country and Canada to put on three shows in three weeks, cut a CD, and shoot a movie. It’s an ambitious project and these videos tell the story — from the first awkward hellos to the final farewells. One note: when you launch the pop-up, the last video will start playing. Click on the first video to watch the series in order.

Watch now.

Or, see them here on YouTube:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Field trip to Natural History museum

Today we went to the Natural History museum. The museum couldn’t be closer, but organizing all those kids — wow, it’s like a cross-country trip! Below are a couple photos. I didn’t take any in the museum — too busy keeping track of all those four-year-olds!
IMG_0351 (1)