Sammy swims!

At the beginning of the summer, Sammy couldn’t swim. By the end of the summer, she was a veritable fish. Here she is going on an underwater expedition.


Checking on the cardinals

This is the first in a series of much-delayed videos I should have posted months ago. So it goes. Anyway, in this video, Sammy leads an expedition into the back yard to visit the cardinal family:


Paul and Erin’s Wedding

Last weekend we had a splendid time in Connecticut at Paul and Erin’s beautiful wedding. Sammy served with distinction as their flower girl, one of many family members who played key roles in the event.

As I stood at the front, with Maria, Kevin, Paul, Erin and her bridesmaids, Sammy walked down the aisle with a lovely flower ball. When she sat down, she looked up at me and mouthed, “Daddy! They have cake!”

That would be Sammy’s fixation throughout the night. “Mommy, maybe we could just ask them we could have a piece of cake,” she pleaded at one point.

At another, while some of Paul and Erin’s friends were offering toasts, Sammy wondering when we’d have cake. “Well, when do you think?” I asked. “Hmp. After TOAST!” she said, indignantly. After all, we hadn’t even been served toast yet.

Speaking of toasts, folks have asked me for a copy of the toast I offered the happy couple. You can download it here.


Janne, the groom’s sister.



Nancy, the groom’s mom.



Kevin, one of the groom’s bests.



Nancy, again.



Deb., the groom’s sister-in-law.



The groom, the bride, and the wedding planner.



The bride and some of her bridesmaids.



The groom and the bride.



The beautiful bride.



The beautiful bride and the beautiful flower girl.



A junior bridesmaid, the flower girl and the bride.



The best flowergirl ever.



Rehearsal dinner.



Kevin gives the best speech.



The bride, the night before.

Recent USA TODAY work

It’s been a busy time at USA TODAY. Here’s what I’ve been working on:

Alzheimer’s video:
This was a quick piece I did on a very nice man named Bob Blackwell. He has Alzheimer’s and is taking part in clinical trials to help find a cure. In this video, he breakfasts with friends from church.


And in this one, he reminisces with his wife:


Rating hospitals

This project involved taking data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and making it accessible to users.

Really, the heavy lifter on this project was my colleague, Bill Couch. A talented and hard-working desiger/programmer, he really went the extra mile to make this project be as user-friendly as possible.

We hope to expand on this project in years ahead with additional data. Stay tuned.
Launch the interactive map.

Fall media previews
Like their summertime brethren, our fall media previews look at what’s coming up in the worlds of movies, television, music and books.

As of this writing, the music component hasn’t launched yet, but it’s coming soon. The movies, books and television features are live, however.
Take a look!

Milo, the labrador recliner

Milo is getting bigger, and fast. He’s a super-sweet pup and already sits on command, and he’s learning how to shake and to lie down.

He’s also pretty good on a leash, when he can be bothered to go for a walk. Usually he resists, until we give in and start carrying him. People all over stop us and ask about him. Milo simply rests in our arms, upside down, with his head hanging over my elbow. Labs indeed.

Some more recent photos:



Meet Milo

Sammy’s not the baby any more! Today we picked up our new puppy, Milo.

Currently, Milo is sleeping in his cage, following a late lunch and some playtime outside. Soon we’ll give him some dinner, go out for an evening stroll, and then back to the cage for the night.

He was great on the ride home. Though traffic was terrible, Milo slept pretty much the whole way. Toward the latter half of the trip, he pulled his pad over his head… probably to drown out our taste in driving music.

More photos (and videos) soon I’m sure.

The big apple

Went to New York and took photos. See them below.

A few thoughts about New York. I like it there… but I think I missed my chance to enjoy living there, unless I strike it rich. Living there now would probably be a lot of fun at first, but then would probably get me down. I’d want to get away, and to do that would just take too much effort.

But then, perhaps I’m wrong. I don’t know. It certainly is a fun city to hang out in.

Bart seemed to really enjoy it too. We kept running into French tourists, which he enjoyed. “French,” he’d say, pointing to a family ahead and smiling. No doubt they’re smiling, too, with the dollar so pathetically low.




Visiting the zoo

I was so tired from pulling Sammy to the zoo that I didn’t take very many photos. Here are a couple I did manage to snap… see if you can tell which are the wild animals and which are the visitors…