On the farm

A couple weeks ago, a colleague and I visited a farm in central Virginia called Polyface for a story and video package. The farm’s owner, Joel Salatin, is a wonderful character. Anyway, the package was posted today for Earth Day.

You can read my story here:

And here’s the video posted to YouTube. (Click “HD” to watch it in full high-definition beauty!):


Thinking about getting a Master’s degree?

As some of you might know, I’m about a month away from earning my Master’s degree in News Media Studies from American University’s School of Communications. I’ve been in the weekend program there since late 2007 and have really enjoyed it.

Anyway, the program is actively seeking new students for the program, so I thought I’d post a letter from the associate director of the program, who is recruiting possible students.

I have nothing but high regard for the program. It meets on Saturdays and is perfect for working professionals, especially anyone interested in teaching or is simply looking to exercise their brains.

Anyway, without further ado… here’s that letter (and feel free to shoot me questions if you have any):

I write to ask that you tell your friends and colleagues about our weekend master’s program in News Media Studies here at AU’s School of Communication. This is a flexible, dynamic, and innovative program attractive to media professionals seeking to burnish their credentials and gain keener insights about directions the field may take in the years ahead. The News Media Studies program also can be a gateway to teaching.

Students in the News Media Studies program attend class on Saturdays and earn a master’s degree in 20 months. Each three-credit class meets for six, day-long sessions on the AU campus in Northwest Washington. Some distance learning courses are offered during the summer.

The News Media Studies program features some of the School of Communication’s top fulltime journalism faculty, including: Jane Hall (who teaches “Contemporary Media Issues”), John Watson (“Legal Aspects of Communication”), Christopher Simpson (“Research Methods”), Amy Eisman (“Teaching Communication”), Rick Rockwell (“Research Studies”), and W. Joseph Campbell (“Seminar in Public Affairs).

The News Media Studies program is designed for working professionals. The program’s alumni include journalists, congressional aides, public relations professionals, and high school teachers.

News Media Studies students work hard. And they find they benefit enormously from the discussion-based intellectual byplay of their classes. And they take away practical, useful insights about news media and their role, influence, and place in a complex society. Students also enhance their research skills and find they are encouraged to question conventional wisdom about the news media and their influences.

Anyone interested in learning more about the weekend News Media Studies program is invited to get in touch with Prof. Rick Rockwell, the Associate Director of Journalism Programs in the School of Communication at 202/885-2067 or at rockwell@american.edu.

Rick Rockwell

P.S.: Here’s the Web site for the program: http://www.american.edu/soc/journalism/MA-JUPA.cfm. Scroll down until you see “News Media Studies.”

iPhone Apps Update

To my surprise, a colleague told me recently how much he enjoyed my “what’s on my iPhone” posting. So, I thought I’d update it with some new apps I’ve recently gotten:

AllRecipes: Just what it sounds like — an online recipe lookup. I haven’t really used it. I think my wife downloaded it.

Analytics: A great and beautiful iPhone app that taps into Google Analytics, so I can see how few people are actually reading this… right now.

BurnBall: A totally fun game that is kind of like the Tron cycle game, only with motion sensing and cute balls.

Drop7: A fun math-meets-Tetris game. Love it.

FallingBalls: In the spirit of LineRider, this simple game looks like what I would create if I tried to create an iPhone game, except this is both fun and a little macabre.

GPS Lite: GPS directions for your iPhone. Works a lot better if you have GPS (I don’t).

Grocery IQ: A wicked grocery store list manager. I just wish it had a desktop component. And the ability to share lists with other members of the household.

Lights Off: A fun toggle-like game in which every square you touch makes other squares light (or go off). Goal is to turn all the squares off. Fun!

LoveJigSaw: Cute jigsaw puzzle game.

Mint.com: A beautiful and free iPhone interface for the beautiful and free Mint.com site.

NPR Mobile: Not sanctioned by NPR, this allows for streaming of NPR content. Nice!

ShapeWriter: Um… not sure.

Tower Free: An amusing game.

Yelp: The iPhone version of Yelp! I have to admit, I don’t really use it.