Diet Day 7

I realize these entries are probably not of interest to most people, but that’s okay. I’m doing it more as a way to pay closer attention to what I’m eating and the effects of food on my body.

Anyway, yesterday was day 7. The morning started out well, if cholesterolic. I made Cynthia and myself a giant omelette with mushrooms, tomatoes, habanero cheese and smoked salmon. It was quite good, if I say so myself.

Then it was time to work in the yard. Getting out in the sun, sweating, cleaning things up felt good. So, after showering, I quaffed some club soda and took a nap.

For the evening, we had friends over for dinner, so we threw together some chicken and steak kabobs, replete with mushrooms, green peppers and cherry tomatoes, and made some brown rice. (The brown rice was for the guests, but it wasn’t ready in time.) While that was cooking, we plated some salmon and crackers. The crackers beckoned and I caved. What can I say?

Post dinner, we broke out the ice cream. Only the guests and Sammy enjoyed the Häagen Dazs and Ben & Jerry’s. Cyn and I stuck with sugar-free, fat-free fudgisicles and ice cream bars.

Add in a few handfuls of peanuts and it was a decent diet day. By this morning, I was down 7 pounds from my start. I’m at 208 and falling.