A Dog’s Breakfast

It was a little over 13 years ago that our family brought a little chocolate bundle of joy into our lives. Milo joined our family as a palm-sized pup, but being a Labrador Retriever, he displayed an unflinching devotion to his food bowl and quickly ate his way into adulthood. I like to think he loves us, as we love him, but we also know that when the chips are down, Milo will absolutely snarf up those chips — and plead for more.

Recently, though, his food fixation has become increasingly disruptive. So much so, we’ve had to take action. And, I’m pleased to say, that required a trip to the woodshop.

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Shooting children and puppies

When shooting children and puppies, be sure that they are sitting still. That’s rule number one.

Wait, wait, wait… that sounds bad. I don’t mean shooting children and puppies. I mean, taking pictures of children and puppies.

Anyway, this past weekend was our annual holiday card photo shoot. Here are a few sample shots, none of which was chosen as the “winner.” You’ll have to wait for that.





Milo’s first day as a Hatch

It was just a few weeks ago, but looking back it’s easy to see how much Milo has already grown. For one, there’s no way I could hold him with one arm and Sammy with the other. Here he is, exploring his new environs: