Bad words

Already a stir is brewing over an upcoming episode of Modern Family in which a little girl drops an f-bomb (as a joke) during a wedding. But, as George Carlin once said, “There are no bad words.” Rather, there are “bad thoughts and bad intentions.” I agree, but I still don’t want my eight-year-old daughter dropping f-bombs around the house.

It would be understandable if she did, though. Swear words are hardly unheard of in our house, thanks to my loose lips and my wife’s Australian outlook on language.

But, like many kids, Sammy, is hypersensitive to “bad” words, including such words as “stupid,” “jerk,” and “shut up.” And she’s not afraid to tell us to watch our language.

Of course, there’s a difference between “bad” words and “ugly” words. There are definitely “ugly” words, though any list of them is quite subjective. One of my nieces, for example, can’t stand “fresh” or “fruit.”

My own list includes the following (in no particular order):

  • crust
  • patent
  • panty
  • cuddle
  • snot
  • froth or frothy
  • rabe
  • Clamato (granted, not a word, but I still don’t like it)
  • necrophilia
  • hermaphrodite
  • corpse
  • odor
  • creamy
  • saucy
  • hyper
  • romper

There are more, of course. And, naturally, there are words that are quite lovely, like “loquacious” or “fantastical.”

But, there are no “bad” words.

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