Living my resolution

I’ve never been a big New Year‘s resolution kind of guy, but this year that’s all changing. I’ve made two resolutions… first, to get into shape and the second is to regularly post to my blog. Neither of these resolutions is particularly original, of course, but they are the two things I most want to accomplish in 2012.

Although I’ve lead training sessions on how to be a good blogger, I rarely take my own advice. Good bloggers tend to have a narrow subject matter and post regularly, among other attributes. I do neither.

With this New Year’s resolution, I can at least promise to post regularly. But sticking to a narrow topic is not likely to be a feature of this space. Indeed, I expect I’ll be blogging about a broad array of topics, from observations as I go through my daily life, to travel journals, to tips and tricks, to, well, just about anything.

Truthfully, I don’t expect anyone to read this blog; it’s really just an outlet for my thoughts and to keep my writing skills sharp. Or, at least, as sharp as my limited writing skills can be.
So, this begins my second resolution. As to my first (getting in shape), that’s something I can’t do sitting at a computer, so I’m going to slip on a pair of tennis shoes and hit the gym. Or something.
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