Effing brilliant

I meant to mention this the other day. Before leaving D.C., a friend graciously lent me his universal power adapter. I figured I’d need it for my laptop, etc.

And yet, when I walked into my hotel room and set my laptop on the desk, I saw what I can only describe as the most brilliant thing I’ve ever seen:


Best. Power. Outlet. Ever.
Best. Power. Outlet. Ever.

Yes, that’s a universal power outlet. Ok, some of you might be thinking I’ve lost my mind, or that this is nothing new. Well, I’ve never seen it, and it’s goddam genius. Why isn’t this used everywhere? I mean, it would completely obliterate all power conversion issues. This takes them all? It’s a problem solver!

I love it. I might just replace all of our outlets at home with these. Maybe it’ll jump start the U.S. economy.

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