Recent USA TODAY work

It’s been a busy time at USA TODAY. Here’s what I’ve been working on:

Alzheimer’s video:
This was a quick piece I did on a very nice man named Bob Blackwell. He has Alzheimer’s and is taking part in clinical trials to help find a cure. In this video, he breakfasts with friends from church.


And in this one, he reminisces with his wife:


Rating hospitals

This project involved taking data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and making it accessible to users.

Really, the heavy lifter on this project was my colleague, Bill Couch. A talented and hard-working desiger/programmer, he really went the extra mile to make this project be as user-friendly as possible.

We hope to expand on this project in years ahead with additional data. Stay tuned.
Launch the interactive map.

Fall media previews
Like their summertime brethren, our fall media previews look at what’s coming up in the worlds of movies, television, music and books.

As of this writing, the music component hasn’t launched yet, but it’s coming soon. The movies, books and television features are live, however.
Take a look!

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