Paul and Erin’s Wedding

Last weekend we had a splendid time in Connecticut at Paul and Erin’s beautiful wedding. Sammy served with distinction as their flower girl, one of many family members who played key roles in the event.

As I stood at the front, with Maria, Kevin, Paul, Erin and her bridesmaids, Sammy walked down the aisle with a lovely flower ball. When she sat down, she looked up at me and mouthed, “Daddy! They have cake!”

That would be Sammy’s fixation throughout the night. “Mommy, maybe we could just ask them we could have a piece of cake,” she pleaded at one point.

At another, while some of Paul and Erin’s friends were offering toasts, Sammy wondering when we’d have cake. “Well, when do you think?” I asked. “Hmp. After TOAST!” she said, indignantly. After all, we hadn’t even been served toast yet.

Speaking of toasts, folks have asked me for a copy of the toast I offered the happy couple. You can download it here.


Janne, the groom’s sister.



Nancy, the groom’s mom.



Kevin, one of the groom’s bests.



Nancy, again.



Deb., the groom’s sister-in-law.



The groom, the bride, and the wedding planner.



The bride and some of her bridesmaids.



The groom and the bride.



The beautiful bride.



The beautiful bride and the beautiful flower girl.



A junior bridesmaid, the flower girl and the bride.



The best flowergirl ever.



Rehearsal dinner.



Kevin gives the best speech.



The bride, the night before.

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