Unquestionably a whale

As we were finishing the last bites of our steak and salad, a neighbor called out: “Go to your deck and see the whales.” Before the knives and forks hit the table, we were straining to see out the back porch for the tell-tale geysers of whale exhalations.

But, as it happened, our neighbor was in the condo above ours, so he had a much better view. We could pretty much only see rooftops and palm trees.

So we quickly slipped on our sandals and made our way to the waterfront. We stood watching for a moment or two and then we saw it: whales surfacing ever so calmly.

I aimed my camera (and borrowed lens… thanks Dave!) at the see and snapped away. As dusk took over, the shots got fuzzier and fuzzier. Much like my grizzly bear photos from Yellowstone several years back, the resulting images show a shadowy figure that could be what I say it is. Well, I say it is a whale. Other shots show the blowing mist or the tale, but this one is the most in focus. (Not saying much is it?)

By the way, the monk seal didn’t show today. I’m betting he won’t be back until the day we leave, just to taunt me. You just can’t rely on monk seals.

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