Fresh fruit

Growing up in Ohio, we had apple trees, berry bushes and summer gardens. But when it came to citrus or tropical fruit, why that came from the supermarket. I’m pretty sure it never occurred to me that such things actually grew where people lived. That is, until I visited Florida as a teenager and saw people had lemon and orange trees in their yards. Never had I seen something so shocking.

And so here in Hawaii we have a banana tree growing outside our bedroom window. Bananas?? It seems so foreign. They are beautiful and big and green. If I remember my banana science correctly, bananas don’t ripen until they are picked, so it seems like the time is right to pluck one from the tree and see if it yellows. I want to do it just do eat a banana plucked from a tree. Will it be any good?

Well, there’s only one way to find out. I’m goin’ banana huntin’!


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