A month already?

Oh man, I’m really sad. In my last few posts I promised to be better about posting blog entries. Then what do I do? I let the blog wither on the vine for a month. Exactly one month.


Ok, so here’s a posting. Once again, it’s about my daughter.

Several months ago I started playing Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “20 Greatest Hits” album when I take Sammy to school. It’s on my iPod and she fell in love with “Susie Q.” Within a few days, she memorized the names and order of most of the songs. “Daddy, I don’t want to hear ‘I Put a Spell On You.’ Can you play ‘Proud Mary’ instead?”

She renamed “Green River” to “Green Frog River.” No matter how hard I tried to correct the record, she would furrow her brow and say, “No, it’s ‘Green FROG River.'”

Anyway, after several months of “Susie Q,” I started yearning for something else. I tried Tom Petty and the Police, both of which Sammy liked, but neither really stuck. Then yesterday I went back to the future.

“Sammy,” I told her, “here are some songs by a group called ‘The Beatles,'” as “Help!” played on the iPod.

“The Beatles?” she asked.


She listened for a few minutes and then “Help!” ended. Before the next song played, she said, “I want to hear more of ‘The Ladybugs!'”

“‘The Ladybugs’?” I asked, confused for a moment. “Oh, you mean ‘The Beatles’!”

Move over “Susie Q.”

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